Happy Wedding Season from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Post Date: July 23rd, 2014

It's wedding season! 

Actually, we know that you can get married any day of the year, but here in southern California, the summer is the season of love! June through August seem to be the magical months. That's when the skies are bluest and the beaches are the most beautiful — the winning combination for amore.

We love weddings! But, marriage isn't all about the wedding: It starts with a proposal. (I’d cut this next line: And while there are very few bad places to ask the person of your dreams to spend your lives together, some are more unusual than others.) Here's our list of romantic places to propose to your soon-to-be life partner:

1.     Balboa Park. Get an eyeful of San Diego's history, culture, and lovely architecture. If you stop in the middle of the bridge, you can also have a wonderful view of downtown San Diego.

2.     La Jolla Cove. This is one of the most enchanting places in the county. Not only does it have an underwater park, but its views above the water can't be beat. And be sure to go visit the seals around the corner as they sun themselves on the sand.

3.     Bernardo Winery. It's a lovely little family winery tucked away in Rancho Bernardo, complete with a tasting room and a restaurant. It's beautiful, memorable and we're big fans. Be sure to try the chocolate!

4.     Presidio Park. It's a little bit of a hike to get to the top, but once you get there, it’s worth it! You're treated with trees aplenty, green grass, and panoramic views of San Diego.

5.     On one of our tours!! We love seeing happy couples and we love being part of the first big step on their journey together! Check out this sweet proposal from a recent tour. (Congratulations, Claudia and Robert!)

We wish you the best in your lives together, and we would love to be a part of it from the proposal to your 50-year anniversary.

Congratulations to you all!

Brooke B., Wedding Planner

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Honor the Spirit of `45 with San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Post Date: July 19th, 2014

The second Sunday in August is a very special day. As of 2010, it's been “Spirit of `45 Day.” It was passed unanimously by Congress, and the first Spirit of `45 Day fell on August 14th, the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Spirit of `45 Day was created first and foremost to commemorate the ordinary people who lived through the Second World War and the mettle shown by surviving members of the Greatest Generation as they rebuilt the United States after the end of the war.  Another, very important reason was to remind the world that the United States is committed to never allowing a world war to happen again..

We, too, would like to honor these ordinary heroes, the men and women of World War II, so in the Spirit of `45, we are offering $4.50 off any of our Train Tours or our Chauffeured Wine Country Tour between now and the end of August.  There's no better way to celebrate than tipping back a locally brewed ale.  San Diego's beer scene emphasizes the solidarity and the can-do spirit that characterizes the United States at its best.

Here's to the Spirit of `45, and we'll see you on a tour!


Brooke B., Andrews Sister

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San Diego Beer And Wine Tours Is Turning 4!

Post Date: June 12th, 2014

The San Diego Beer and Wine Tours team is so grateful to all of the tour guests who have made these past four years possible. San Diego Beer & Wine Tours was born out of Founder, Shira’s, passion for great wine and gourmet food. What started as a walking tour company has blossomed into a full line of tasty adventures from chauffeured adventures to winery train tours serving San Diego natives and visitors from all over the world! San Diego Beer and Wine Tours now has over 200 five star reviews on Tripadvisor and was recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Service.

To celebrate 4 great years, San Diego Beer and Wine Tours is giving you a $5 discount on popular tours when you book from now until the end of the month. Just call (858) 551-5115 and request the "anniversary special" when you book one of the tours below:

Chauffeured Winery Tour

Winery Train Tour

Beer & Food Walking Tour

Thank you again for your continued support, San Diego Beer and Wine Tours looks forward to guiding you on tasty adventures for many years to come!

Be sure to follow San Diego Beer and Wine Tours on Twitter & Facebook to keep up with the latest on tour news and offers.

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It’s Earth Day! Help Save the Planet with San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Post Date: April 16th, 2014

We're not gonna lie – Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year around here. Since our inception, we've been all about saving the planet.  Just check out some of the information on our carbon-footprint-reducing train tours and our emphasis on buying local!

By the way, if you're a beer and wine nut, one of the best things you can do is buy locally.  It's not just that you'll get better beer and wine, even though you will, or feel more connected to the local environment while you sip, even though you are

No, the best reasons to drink locally is twofold: first, you're supporting our vibrant Californian wine and beer culture and keeping local jobs coming, and second – and this is a biggie –  by directly supporting all the local brews, you're reducing the enormous, gigantic fuel consumption that comes when global mass producers of beer and wine ship it to your neighborhood.  

Plus, there are all the benefits that come from getting out and getting to know your beers and wines and the communities and neighborhoods around you that passionately love and support them.

So remember: Think globally, drink, locally!

To your health and the health of the planet,

Brooke B., Recyclist

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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves Our Mother, and Yours Too!

Post Date: April 3rd, 2014

There's no such thing as a perfect child. Admit it – you were a brat growing up just like all the rest of us. Do you see those grey hairs on your mom? Those are your fault, every single last one of them. That time you came home three hours late without calling? The time you got under the sink and tried to eat Drano? How about the time you brought home that really inappropriate “friend” in high school? Oh, we know. We've all been there.

At this point, the only appropriate question is, “How can I make this up to my mom?” The answer is simple: with wine. That's why we at San Diego Beer and Wine Tours have put together a wonderful Mother's Day gift to help you apologize for all those months as a kid you spent refusing to eat anything but Oreos and mayonnaise sandwiches. We offer special packages for this time of year that include a wine (or beer) and food tour, plus a deep discount on a spa day for her!  We're offering it now through the end of May.

Trust us on this one: your mom will love it. And if you're a mom, you know what we're talking about.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms out there. We salute you!


Brooke B., Mamacita

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Happy April Fool’s Day from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Post Date: April 1st, 2014

Today is April Fool's Day, also called “The Worst Day on the Internet.” In an age where just about anything can go viral, and gullibility is compounded by clickbait, it's best not to trust anything for the next 24 hours or so.

We promise to not be part of this trend. We, instead, embrace an original rite of spring, the "renewal festival," which occurred in many cultures throughout the world and were characterized by lighthearted pranks and a temporary reversal of the accepted social order. (Yes, we know that the whole mockery mess supposedly began when France shifted from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian one somewhere in the 16th century, thereby switching the New Year to January 1st instead of April, but we prefer the friendlier origin story.)

So, we are taking this opportunity to announce that we are expanding from beer, food, and wine tours into beer, food, wine, and koi pond tours. We're looking forward to three hours of showing you the best koi ponds that San Diego County has to offer after every beer and wine tour!

Okay, that was a joke. Sorry. We caught the April Fool's spirit for a moment. Or should we say, April Fish? But this is no joke – mention “springtime" to us and you'll get $5 off a tour through the month of April.*

No foolin'!

Brooke B., Poisson d'Avril

*Call (858) 551-5115 for discount. Not to be combined with past purchases or other offers. Discount good now through April 30th.

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Happy Vernal Equinox from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Post Date: March 21st, 2014

Happy Spring! 

The vernal equinox is the first day of spring. That's when the day and night are roughly equal in length. Now nighttime is just going to keep getting shorter, until we're at summer's glorious peak! 

Not that springtime in San Diego is anything to sneeze at, unless you're allergic to pollen, of course. In fact, it's one of the most gloriously beautiful times of the year here, with rare flowers popping out of the desert and cherry blossoms adorning Balboa Park. 

It's also a great time of year to sit outside and sip some light springtime wines. We recommend light-bodied wines. Here are a few to try: 

Prosecco is a light and sparkly wine, and at its best it's fruity without being oversweet.  It's also quite wallet-friendly, running about $10 a bottle. Perfect for sipping with or without peach juice as you sit on the porch in the springtime sun. Try something from Nino Franco to start.  

California has a serious rosé issue — it's serious about rosés.  And so are we! Dry, balanced rosés make life worth living, and Napa Valley produces some of the best you'll find anywhere. Trefethen Family Vineyards produces a wonderful fruity rosé that's made with Pinot Noir grapes and has hints of cherries and strawberries. Perfect. 

Red wine that carries just a touch of sweetness will be welcome on any sunny day, too. Modesto's Tisdale Vineyard carries a wine called Sweet Red of California that's a springtime favorite. It's great for summer, too! Pair it with your favorite barbecued food. 

Enjoy the sparkling days and clear nights of springtime in San Diego. Here's to the equinox! 


Brooke B., Spring Blossom

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Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler with San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Post Date: February 28th, 2014

It's almost that wild and wonderful day, Fat Tuesday, where you're expected – no, commanded – to wear feathery hats, colorful clothes, and beads. It's also the last hurrah before the start of Lent, which is a time of fasting and repentance for those who observe the Catholic faith. 

The origins of Mardi Gras as it's known today are traced back to medieval Europe, where farmers would slaughter and eat a fatted calf and drink enormous quantities of red wine.  In fact, Carnival or Carnaval, as the week leading up to Mardi Gras is called in some regions, comes from "carna vale": farewell to the flesh.  

However, the story of these traditions go back even further than that, to ancient Roman or possibly pre-Roman pastoral times, to Lupercalia, the festival of Lupercus, the god of shepherds, and Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus.  According to Plutarch, during this festival young people would guzzle red wine and run up and down the streets naked and smacking people they met with "shaggy thongs."  It was supposed to ensure fertility in the new year. They also wore fine clothes and feathered masks as they do today, presumably when they weren't running around in their altogethers. 

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because this festival also serves as a basis for what is now known as Valentine's Day.  (Our Valentine's Day was a little more subdued than that this year, but at least we had red wine!) 

If you're looking for something to drink to get into the true spirit of Fat Tuesday and don't feel like slaughtering a fatted calf, here are a few suggestions: 

If you're doing it up New Orleans style and eating spicy gumbo, consider a low-tannin pinot noir like Point Concepcion's Salsipuedes Pinot Noir.  Its fruitiness plays well off the spicy richness of a gumbo.  If you've decided on an oyster po-boy or a shrimp etouffe, pair it with a light, sweet white like ZD Chardonnay.  And if you're having King Cake (and why wouldn't you?) any sweet sparkling wine is a must!

There are plenty of beers to pair with your Mardi Gras celebration, but our favorite one comes from San Diego's Modern Times Brewery.  It's called Neverwhere.  Why do we love it for this celebration? Because its pineappley, mangoey flavor is perfect for the subtropical party atmospheres of Carnaval and Fat Tuesday.  It's a perfect pairing with your purple and green beads.

We're off to start baking our King Cake. After all, Fat Tuesday only comes round once a year.

Laissez les bon temps continuer a rouler toujours!

Brooke B., Bead-Tosser

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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Wants You to be Our Valentine!

Post Date: February 1st, 2014

It's almost Valentine's Day! It's the most wonderful day in the world if you're happily in love, but not so much if you aren't. But it could be! If you're looking for something to do this February 14th, or any day in February, we have an idea for you.

Here's our idea: Love yourselves! Life is wonderful, especially with fine wine or beer paired with wonderful food and like-minded people. One of the best ways we know of to pamper yourself and make yourself happy is by indulging in the tastiest of food and drink. And we have the perfect time to do it – on one of our Valentine's tours.

Whether you're coupled up or a singleton, we don't mind. We love bringing people along for our Romantic Tours to show you the best of what San Diego has to offer.

Everybody loves a lover, so love yourself! We love you.


Brooke B., Valentine Clementine 

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Happy New Year from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Post Date: December 30th, 2013

We can't believe it, but 2013 is nearly over and another year is about to begin!

This was a great year. They all are, but 2013 was particularly fun. We met great people, we tasted wonderful food and local wines, and the beer – well, let's just say that the craft beer in San Diego gets better and more plentiful by the year.  New Year's traditions around the world involve spiked punch and champagne, but we really think that the only real way to celebrate the arrival of 2014 is with a California wine or a San Diego brew. After all, what you do on New Year's will set the tone for the next twelve months!

Do you have guests in from out of town? Are you a group looking for a wine or beer pairing luncheon or dinner party. We have the perfect event for your celebration. Call us and we’ll give you a Happy New Year gift of $5 off this wonderful party. Go here for more details.

It’s a busy holiday week for us, here’s some of our popular tours with spots open this week:

TOP SELLER! Winery Train Tour (Mon. – Fri.  Start times: 1:40pm and 12pm) Easy-to-get-to start location via walk/trolley/train-usually no need to drive. Available Mon. 12/30; Thurs 1/2 and Friday 1/3

“FUN TIME ON THE WINE TOUR! We had a great time on the winery train tour, the time went by quickly, the lunch was AMAZING and it was great that you could drink on the train so we bought a bottle and enjoyed it with the other guests on the tour.” One of over 180 Trip Advisor 5-Star Reviews.

Drink on the train! Optional brewery stop for our beer lovers at no additional cost!

These GREEN tours are about 5 hrs in duration. You'll enjoy ample tastes of fabulous, local wines – about 18 tastes! We start the tour with wine and food pairings (light lunch) at our partner restaurant (delicious fine dining Italian). We enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery as we travel by rail (wine tasting on the train is highly recommended!). We have delightful guided historic walks (about 2 miles total, about 15 minute walks at a time) into the villages for tastings at the boutique wineries (fully operational urban wineries, this is not our vineyard tour) for wine and cheese and wine and chocolate pairings. Optional stop at our brewery for our beer lovers! You can join us on this Coaster train tour easily from most locations by using public transportation (bus, trolley, train, coaster etc.). These popular tours are only $88 per person which includes all your food, wine/beer and fun guided tours. (Does not include Regional Plus Day Pass train ticket which is an additional $12 per person.) Click here to book now!

TOP SELLER! San Diego Wine Country Chauffeured Tour (Wed.- Sun. Start time: approx. 11am) Available Friday 1/3 and Sunday 1/5
"SUPER SPECIAL AND RELAXED DAY FILLED WITH TERRIFIC WINE AND FOOD! What a perfect way to celebrate! The wine was spectacular. The wineries were beautiful and very welcoming. What took this tour over the top is the food! Cheeses, chocolates, breadsticks and brick oven pizza with breathtaking views. Completely worth every moment and dollar. Don’t miss! Cheers!” One of over 180 Trip Advisor 5-Star Reviews.

On these popular tours we pick you up from your residence/hotel (from most San Diego locations) and take you to the vineyards of San Diego Wine Country. These fabulous tours are about 6 hrs. and include ample tastings at three wineries (about 18 tastes!). Your guide will entertain you with local history and a wine appreciation presentation. At our first winery we'll savor delicious fruits and cheeses with superb fine wine tastings. During this adventure you’ll get to stroll the vineyards and see how our local wines are made. We'll conclude this amazing day with decadent, local wines paired with a gourmet wood-fired brick-oven pizza dinner overlooking spectacular wineries grounds. Beer options available for purchase. Wine Country tour is all inclusive with door-to-door transportation, cheese platter, dinner, tasting fees, guided tour, bottled water, wine tote gift bag at only $149 per person.  Click here to book now!  

Wine & Food Walking Tour (Daily. Start time: 2pm) Available Tues 12/31

"YOU EARN YOUR MONEY BACK IN THE FIRST STOP! We had a great time. Excellent food; excellent wine and excellent company. Will do this trip again soon!” One of over 180 Trip Advisor 5-Star Reviews.

This fabulous 3 to 3.5 hr guided walking tour has tantalizingly tasty tour stops in the beautiful village of La Jolla. You'll be delighted as you taste fine wines and savor delicious, gourmet food. Your expert local guide will educate you in the fine art of wine tasting and food pairing. You'll even be treated with scrumptious wine paired with chocolate! Enjoy a leisurely walk of about 1.5 miles near the ocean, while being entertained with the history and culture of quaint La Jolla by-the-sea. Join us as we partake in the very best of La Jolla’s restaurants and wine bars. These tours are priced all inclusive at only $72 per person which includes all your food and wine, and guided walking tours. Click here to book now!

Salud, cheers, prosit, and here's to a wonderful 2014!

Brooke B., Auld Acquaintance

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